Nice is overrated.People take you for granted, walk all over you, and treat you like a knock-off when you’re limited edition.You’re a boss babe, not a doormat!But you’re feeling like your life’s out of control, you’re always broke, you hate your job, and you just can’t catch a break.You’re thinking “that’s just the way it is” and you can’t make it as a single mom.You’re giving up on yourself and your dreams because you don’t see a way out.Night after night you’re crying and screaming into your pillow, yanking out your hair, and asking why, why, why can’t you just get it right?Kick your frustration to the curb (it’s only holding you back).Be audacious.Start a business you love, get money in the bank, and live the life of your dreams.Yes, it’s all possible.Be the bold boss babe you’ve always wanted to be.But wait, who am I to tell you all this?

Who is Janelle?

Hello, I’m Janelle! I’m the Side Hustle Queen who said, “Peace Out” to the corporate world before 25, thanks to my bomb side hustles. I’m from Queens, New York, I live in Atlanta, and I live for a living. I travel the world with my toddler Winter and transform underpaid, overwhelmed, and overworked women into Passionate Playmakers who’re fully in control of their lives.I’m the single mom doing BIG things and smashing the stereotype of struggling single mothers who can’t run their own businesses.

I’m also your business girlfriend who gets cozy and intimate with you. Who believes you are not here to live a mediocre life, and believes in you too fiercely to quietly watch you fail.I’ve been where you are. My relationship detonated, I hit rock bottom, and I realized I could stay there or move.I chose to move.More importantly? I invested in myself (hello, Bali biz retreat!), got some expert perspective, jammed with a couple business babes, and voilà! Hustling Hotties was born.

I had a friend who was the life of the party, loving life, doing her thing, and I wanted that, so I went for it.I started living, started traveling, had a baby, and discovered more than I imagined about myself. My accountability ramped up, I chose to play a bigger game, and I had so much fun that I just had to share it with you. As your head Hustling Hottie, I believe in what I’m doing. I’m the right person to help you with your side hustle, and I want you to know this: There’s so much potential in life. You’re able to live the life you dream of. You can succeed, and you don’t have to settle for a soul-numbing 9 to 5.Come rock with the Side Hustle Queen and explore the big life inside of you.Do you dare?What now, Janelle?I’m so glad you asked.First, join my email list to get exclusive freebies and previews.

I’m a quality babe who only shares quality stuff!Next, grab your copy of The Profitable Passion. It’s a rich, clear guide to help you transform your passion based on your natural talents, passions, skills, and abilities. I also include my life-changing experiences, it’ll be the biz babe playbook that knocks your socks off!Finally, join the Hustling Hotties Society. An online community where you can ask, answer questions, share information, and get support from other Hustling Hotties.Want some great reads to instantly jump start your journey?I got you, boo. Share your email address below and I’ll jump in your inbox!I teach you how to start your side hustle, switch your mind-set for success, and plan your daily life to get you fabulous, stoked, and stable.I help you level up from the ground up for lasting change, not just a flash in the pan.I give you strategies for accountability, sustainable growth, and evergreen joy in your business.Let me upgrade you, Beyoncé style. 

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