Passionhard work are the keys to success.

Nice is Overrated.

Being “nice” has only screwed you over.

People take you for granted.

Walk all over you.

Treat you like you’re easily replaceable.

Forget that.You’re a boss, not a doormat.

Kick your tears to the curb, and be audacious.

Kill the fluff and become a BOSS Babe.

Your life’s out of control, you’re always broke, and your sex life is non-existent.

You’re thinking of giving up on yourself and your dreams because you can’t catch a break.

I’m Janelle, coach, strategist and single mom extraordinaire. I transform underpaid, overwhelmed, and overworked women into Passionate Playmakers who’re fully in control of their lives.

You can’t get anything done by being NICE. If you are ready to take charge of your life, start a business, become financially free and live the life of your dreams. Then it is time to live the life of your dreams!