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Pleasure to meet you

A millennial, minority-owned, female-led creative agency.

Using our unique perspective, we create fun, bold,
forward-thinking design solutions for all of our clients.


“Janelle’s attention to detail, follow through and spirit of excellence made my experience working with her on various projects a complete pleasure! We’ve worked on building brands, ideas to implementation of those ideas. Her professionalism is like a breath of fresh air! I have to give her these testimonials because I’d recommend her to anyone to do just about anything. She’s a jack of all trades! :)”

Shayna Boston

Event Planner, Boston First

Thx so much again for your prompt responses, savvy skills, positive attitude and true professionalism. I so appreciate it, and know I can depend on you.

Laura Wallis

Founder, Webnavigatorgal

Janelle is amazing. period. Not only is Janelle an amazing web designer, she is also a wonderful person and friend. She is extremely knowledgeable and ready to take-charge without being pushy. I love her and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Cathy Ospina


Janelle is the total package:
Knowledgeable, fast, a clear communicator and a deep wisdom that goes far beyond her years. Everything I needed was done EXACTLY as I ask and beyond. I intend to bring her in again. Work isn’t work with Janelle. It’s expansion.

Ora B. Nance-Woodley

What would I do without Janelle Jones? I hope I never have to find out. I am a busy multitasking entrepreneur who is not above taking a job in order to invest in my dreams. I love people and I value my relationships, but sometimes I find myself sacrificing my own emotional well-being in order to support others. Then, I feel empty and it gets hard to stay fully engaged with my own journey. Janelle was the one person I knew who would get this and she totally helped me to get my wagon back on my track. More than a leader, Janelle is a visionary with a compassionate heart of pure gold

Stacey Clark

Founder and President of Leap Learn Live a 501c3 nonprofit

A perfect blend of creativity