Business Consultant

Consultant is more than a title for me and, I am a type A perfectionist! I talk too much and I go above and beyond.

I teach women that they can have the lifestyle that they dream about. There are so many women whose growth is stifled by working in a job with limited growth opportunities. I was one of those women. When I worked for a major financial corporation it was a true test of my strengths. I hated every minute of it, therefore, working in the corporate world was something that I quickly decided wasn’t the lifestyle that I desired.

Things started to change when I started doing an alternative thinking style. I opened several different companies from a tutoring company to a consulting firm. I quickly realized that I could become a laptop entrepreneur. This means that I can run my business from anywhere in the world. I speak 3 different languages, so, I travel all over the world with my busy toddler. This lifestyle allows me to stay home with my baby, rather than, putting him in childcare. I believe that there is nothing that can not be accomplished.

I have worked as a consultant with clients from around the world! There is no reason why we can’t help each other. Especially now that we have this crazy invention called the internet. As a result, of having the internet I have been able to meet some of the greatest people who I would have never met otherwise. I know that the sky is the limit to life and I love to show my clients that My clients love how efficient I work and there is nothing better than great clients and loving the work that you do!

Every day is an adventure and I never want to be limited by a situation. I love to work from locations around the world and show my clients that the impossible is possible. Whether you like to work in an office with others or from the comfort of your hammock living the life that you want to live is possible.