What is marketing and more specifically digital marketing?

As a brand, you must be talking about digital marketing so often. You may even think you are doing it right. But what exactly is marketing? How do you know that you’re doing it correctly?

Well, let’s see.

Good marketing is what enables companies to sell their products and services. Brands use marketing to involve advertising, packaging, branding, promotions, and others. Marketing involves all the activities that brands undertake to ensure that their products become well known by their consumers. Brands want to be chosen over their competitors and digital marketing helps with that process.

The strategies you use in your marketing play a crucial role in converting your products or services into cash. It also determines the consistency and number of sales a company can make in a given period.

So, what’s the relationship between marketing and selling?

Marketing vs. Selling

Although they are related, they are different, and each plays an independent role. Selling involves brands’ processes to turn goods or services into cash. Good marketing is what results in selling. No one will buy something they have never heard of. Customers depend on referrals from others to choose whether or not to buy a product.

Marketing helps build a good relationship between brands and consumers as it focuses on satisfactorily meeting clients’ needs. Product testing is a way to ensure that products are always available and meet the client’s expectations.

Simply put, marketing is majorly about maintaining a good relationship with clients. While selling focuses on making money for the brand in exchange for their products or services.

To ensure large sales and clients are satisfied, companies need to invest in different modes of marketing themselves.

With the current setup and globalization, companies that care about their sales and clients may need to introduce digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing? 

Now that we are in a digital world, I hope you understand what digital marketing is.

It is simply using the internet to communicate to clients about one’s services and products. Digital marketing is marketing through social media, emails, website pages, and any other place on the internet.

As you know, the whole world has moved to the internet, and all forms of transactions take place on the internet.

As a brand, the digital market may be favorable compared to other forms of marketing because:

It is affordable. The cost to advertise and sell your services or product online is way cheaper than if you do the same with traditional marketing.

It gives you global exposure. Through the internet, you can reach a bigger audience and get clients from all over the world, if that’s your target.

It gives you room to build your brand. The internet is a place where you can write all the information about your brand and let as many people as you won’t know about it.

You can measure your progress based on the number of conversions, shares, and likes that your page or content gets. This way, you can tell if you are on the right track or need to up your game, unlike the traditional way where everything is trial and error.