digitally discarded

While working at an agency, I earned the title of podcast queen. Everything that anyone needed to know about podcasts went through me. So when a client came and wanted to set up a podcast to enhance her real estate brand, they requested that I set it up and manage it for her. 

She wanted to target people who have been discarded in different aspects of their life. Her goal was to target her real estate clients indirectly but still make the podcast enjoyable for everyone.

The client had no experience with how to map out the flow of a podcast. The client knew what she wanted to discuss and how she wanted to make people feel, but she had no idea how to achieve her goals. We had a consultation session and then coached her through the process of reaching out to her tribe to find potential guests and how to introduce them.

Since the goal was to create a method for the client to have fun, show her clients her personality, and bring in new leads, we thought a podcast would be the perfect mode to add to her marketing tools.

We created a dynamic podcast cover that captivated potential listeners. Her podcast went out to 8 different platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, Amazon podcasts, and Spotify. By leveraging the client’s existing social media platforms, we were able to get over 100 downloads for the 1st episode on the first day. 

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