Episode #36

How To Become Your Happy, Authentic Self

with Holly Hughes

Holly talks about work-life balance. She believes that can only happen when we heal old wounds and don’t have to prove our worth- therefore we don’t overdo it in the office or at home. 

Holly is an author and intuitive healer who has been through things and come out the other side. Her book REAL, NOT PERFECT How To Become Your Happy, Authentic Self that was released on 2-21-21. She loves helping people to define themselves in their own terms. She helps them create, maintain boundaries, healthy relationships, and self-care.  It’s important to refuel one’s energy and recharge the soul. Everyone loses sight of who they are, they become their jobs or what they can do for their family and others. But you matter without making things better for others. She looks forward to the possibility of connecting!

Her website:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Holly_hughes_intuitive/