Have These Thoughts Crossed Your Mind?


  • “I need marketing, but I have no idea where to start.”
  • “Marketing is expensive and time-consuming. I hate it!”
  • “I’m on social media, but I’m not making any money.”
  • “My mind is filled with creative ideas, but I can’t make them flow.”
  • “I just need to finish this last step, but I haven’t gotten around to it.”

Hello, darlin’. This sounds like you, doesn’t it?

I’m Janelle, and I’m a Business Strategist and Mentor. 

You have an amazing high-end service that’s ready to be booked up with amazing clients and consistent cash flow, don’t you? 

We should work together.

I laugh easily, listen closely, and use your provocative and life-changing ideas to develop a rock-solid business strategy that’s tailor-made to catalyze your growth. 

Are you a travel enthusiast, big dreamer, and tired of being stuck in place? Are you a business-savvy mother, wife, or partner with a family to support? 

My best co-creators are women who yearn to be themselves, go to the next level, and live a life they don’t need a vacation from. 

If this sounds like you, perfect! You are my dream client, and I am totally here for you. Let’s talk.

Are You Ready to Step up to the Plate? 

Every business owner has dream clients. These are people we dream of working with, who are so in love with us and what we do that they are ready and willing to invest with us. 

Great businesses develop deep connections with their audience through every step of the buyer’s journey. As a business owner, your job is to communicate with your customers, who are on their individual paths to greatness, that you are there to help. 

You can build strong relationships by meeting your customer’s needs. from creating products they can download instantly, to offering coaching or other services. 

The world is changing right before our eyes. The worst is already here,  but there’s nothing to be scared of. Your presence is needed more than ever. 

You need to be prepared for every client that comes your way. People are out here looking for answers you have right now. They have no time to argue, and they need you to allure them with your presence because what you do makes their lives infinitely easier. 

Come and talk to me, and we’ll develop something beautiful. No two people are the same, and your strategy won’t be a carbon copy of anyone else’s outline either.

Your strategy will be natural, unique, and fortified like a thumbprint to ensure it’s completely original and reflects your needs and resources.

Strategy Package

Over the next 90 days, you will receive:

  • Bi-weekly private coaching calls: Although recorded for your review and use, our sessions are completely discrete and 1-on-1. Whatever you say is kept in high regard, and used to transform and transmute your business results. 
  • Customized action plan: Don’t just talk to me and daydream. Let’s get things done! You will receive a thoroughly detailed marketing and visibility strategy, with timelines for feedback and accountability to help you level up and scale. 
  • Business review: Every business needs a flowing system that’s repeatable, scalable, and flexible at all times. You will receive a detailed business system review that will help you strengthen and optimize your lead flow. 
  • Copy Audit: Copy that converts starts with a voice that’s deeply centered in yourself. Are your words targeting your specific audience with trust and playfulness? We’ll review your brand language to make sure you’re speaking to the right person. 

It is my intention that our sessions help you take your power back. Give yourself the opportunity to get in a better financial and spiritual place immediately. You have everything you need to get started. Simply fill out the application and let’s get started!

A La Carte Strategy Sessions

Just Need a Little Taste? A La Carte Strategy Sessions Also Available

Fresh eyes can see what you cannot. A la carte Strategy Session is great if you’re already right there but need a little external POV. It’s a great way to optimize your business to fit your desires with almost instant shifts and results if you’re ready. 

An a la carte Strategy Session is the perfect selection for women seeking an intimate level of focus on a specific business concern. 

Strategy Sessions include laser-focused action steps you can take for immediate growth over the next few weeks, with additional support available if needed. Apply for yours below.