Shakena Luster

“You have been a gem from the moment I met you. I ain’t never met an assistant with a master’s degree.”

“Janelle Jones, I so appreciate you. You have been a gem from the moment I met you. I ain’t never met an assistant with a master’s degree.When I started my 1st business as a sales consultant I wasn’t exactly sure which services I wanted to offer.You encouraged me to sit down and write a sales course. After I wrote the course, you asked me a very important questions…. “What do you really want?

I replied, “I want to travel to my clients, hire, fire, coach and develop sales teams.”You then said, “write that down.”
Two weeks later: I was travelling to a client to fire, hire, coach and develop their sales team.Not only that… you and Winter came to visit me and the kids while I was on contract.I’ve never met anyone like you… I’m really thankful for your call this morning. You have a way of reminding me of who I am. You deserve all the blessings that God showering you with. I love you.”

“Before working with Janelle we were in a state of overwhelm in relation to two significant business goals we’d set for 2020. In working with Janelle, we gained great insights and strategies that we could establish to move forward on the right track. Janelle is great at keeping it simple while holding the big vision. She offered advise and ideas on a range of income streams, products to use to streamline processes, and pricing. Janelle is so easy to converse with and is professional. We would highly recommend Janelle if you are ready to take your business to the next level or if you have come to a standstill and need fresh eyes to reinvigorate your direction.”

“Janelle is a treasure trove of organic traffic ideas that gets anyone results at the highest profit margins possible! Her creative suggestion for my first ever ‘live’ seminar, and how to drive free traffic to the event, resulted in a $500 pure profit digital program sales!- That’s because she also gave me a GEM of a suggestion for where to host my small event for free. Thank you, Janelle!”

“The time that I’ve spent with Janelle has given me such an amazing focus on what I really want to do and to pursue it! With her guidance, we’ve been able to lay out such an amazing plan that will impact more people than I could have imagined! Janelle is such an amazing coach and I am so grateful for our strategy calls and justher interest in wanting to see me succeed, its such a great encouragement! I love working with Janelle!”

Erin Hennessy

“I just can’t get eniough of her!”

“Janelle is really encouraging and fantastic to work with. She is down-to-earth with what needs to be accomplished for your success, and she makes you feel great and pumped to do it. She’s flexible and patient with picky people like myself, and I just can’t get enough of her.”

Lauren Peterson

“Strategic about how to lay things out

for desired lifestyle”

“Before working Janelle, I made money but didn’t know to keep it. Janelle showed me effortless ways to save more money- and even get money back in circumstances that seemed impossible. She’s very financially savvy when it comes to business and personal finance, and strategic about how to lay things out for desired lifestyle results. In one session, she taught me a simple trick that put over $100 in my account in less than 20 minutes.”

Stacey Clark

“Janelle is a beacon of light”

“Janelle is a beacon of light. Before I started working with Janelle I was drowning in a sea of marketing, do-this, do-that’s. There was so much information that it had my head spinning. Janelle helped me to make sense of it all. She helped me to focus my attention and to narrow in on messaging that made the most sense for me and my clients. Now, I am on a roll. I am doing and saying the right things at the right time to the right people. Thanks, Janelle.”