the manifest cafe

Diana’s vision for a coffee shop where like-minded intuitive people could meet up and connect was something that she saw as a monthly in-person event. We decided that it could not only exist in reality but it could also come to life online. 

Women ages 35 to 45 years old who worked at an intuitive level. They lived in the Chicago area and wanted to connect with like-minded people.

Creating the vision to match the in-person experience took a bit of an effort, but we achieved our goal by collecting images of the location.

We decided to create a website on WordPress that contained four pages. Since Diana was running a 21 guest speaker summit called the Healthy Gut Series, we decided to convert the audio from the summit to a podcast called the Healthy Gut podcast. We had to create the podcast cover and description and then find a way to feature the podcast on Diana’s website.

The interactive home page allows attendees to feel like they are on an in-person interactive page. The about page gives a quick intro into who Diana is. It also describes the experience of coming to her cafe and working with her. We also created a podcast for her called the Healthy Gut podcast, where we featured health experts. The site had to have a page for her podcast. The last page was a contact page where attendees could reach out to Diana and inquire about her services. We also set up a Facebook page to advertise the summit and the blog.

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