Episode #48

Black Women and Entrepreneurship – The Importance of Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness in today society is a real thing that most people struggle with especially woman of color. Jamie Clarke an Expert in this field and a Spiritual Life Coach discuss how this can be overturned and making sure it doesn’t affect your spiritual, emotional and financial life. She also discuss the black women and entrepreneurship, how to stay motivated and shares things no one tells you about owning a business.

  Guest: Jamie Clark is the owner of soul paradise, a metaphysical shop where she sells candles and does tarot readings. She has a YouTube channel, where she does pick up card readings. She also is a spiritual life coach and she considers herself a guiding light for her clients to help them get to the next level in your in their live. Website: https://soulparadigm.com/ Tiktok: soulparadigm YouTube: soulparadigm