Episode #60

Content Strategies to attract ideal clients to your Instagram

with Anjum Bhandari 

On today’s episode, Anjum shared her experience on how she transitioned from her corporate 9-5 job to an enterpereneur as Instagram Marketer and a Coach.

As an Instagram Marketing Expert, Anjum shared some insight  on how to get inbound client from your marketing effort using Instagram.

Anjum is a social media-obsessed, content-creating Nerd who turned her passion into a career. I started Anjum Bhandari Marketing with the sole purpose of supporting businesses to leverage the power of social media to help them grow and make their mark in the digital world.

She has worked and guided 25+ businesses, helped them nail their social media strategy, focusing on increasing metrics such as lead generation, inquiries, and

To connect with Anjum you can find her on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anjumbhandari/

Website: https://anjumbhandarimarketing.com

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