Episode #45

Woman of Color Vs Wealth Gap

with Darlyn-Feythe Valentine

In this episode Darlyn-Feythe Valentine discussed how woman of color can breach the wealth gap in the society simply by having a side hustle and through Entrepreneurship. Also discussed brand Awareness and PR Strategy, How to leverage social media and PR to increase your business revenue and Client base. Guest: Darlyn-Feythe Valentine a Southern California native, the Founder of L.Woods PR which started 5yrs ago. After working in various parts of the Fashion industry (design, development and PR)¬† she realized that a lot of designers have talent, but no way to showcase or bring awareness to their brand. The Idea¬† was made and L.Wood PR was created to provide a way designers cold publicize their brand and talent. Website: https://www.lwoodspr.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lwoodspr