with janelle jones

Stop making assumptions.

Try to know the real deal Our guest for today is Nissan Graun. Nissan started dieting at age 12. She exercised, limited calories, and went to nutrition classes to help her weight. She developed anxiety and depression trying to work this out. She read a book that changed her life for good, “Kick Your Fat.” She followed the guidelines in the book, and it helped her a great deal.

Now she’s the author of some nutritional books and helps her clients get massive results. Now she teaches everything she learned about low-carb, keto, intermittent fasting, and more in the Keto Decoded Membership. Nissa Graun is the author of My Big Fat Life Transformation. The Lazy Keto Gourmet. Bust Through Your Weight Loss Plateau, 28-Day Keto Transformation Journal, and How to Succeed on Keto Without Really Trying. She helps clients get big results with Keto Challenges, where members learn how to finally stick with a real food keto plan to get results that stick!