Episode #52

Setting yourself up for Success

with Janelle jones

Janelle Jones didn’t make it down the aisle but she did make it to 14 different countries.

After being in a 2-year toxic relationship that started with butterflies and ended with a broken heart, maxed out cards, and totaled car, Janelle decided to love herself more than she loved her ex.

She packed a bag and prepared to take the world by storm. While on a business retreat in Bali, Janelle strategized with strangers to create Hustling Hotties, a platform dedicated to finding side hustle solutions for single moms.

The platform helps to navigate life, sets them up to not settle for less, shows them how to travel the world, and prepares them to go from breakdown to breakthrough.

Once she made $10K in 14 days, she felt compelled to extend her efforts to entrepreneurs. Janelle holds a Master’s in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University, which has aided in her ability and formula to successfully help entrepreneurs through her agency, Honey & Jade for marketing strategy and consulting.