Episode #58

Creating Balance Between Businesses and a Life 

with Hani Anis

On today’s episode, Hani shared her experience with starting a clothing line and a Marketing agency. Also gave some perspective on balancing the business side of things and family life. 

As a young entrepreneur she shared some advice on how to navigate the early stages of entrepreneurship in order to have  business that can stand the test of time.

Hani Anis, Founder & CEO of Kahani Digital & Anis Collections.  With her career starting in the world of Investment Banking, stopping to take a few sharp turns towards freelancing with a Influencer, Natalie Barbu, to launching her own digital marketing agency, and her own custom South Asian bridalwear brand, Hani offers a unique perspective to the world of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, multiple streams of income, and how to balance it all!

To connect with Hani you can find her on

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kahani.digital/

Website: https://www.kahanidigital.com/

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